Reply (dump)

Debugging dump of the Reply data structure.

3: The grate is locked

7: A cheerful little bird is sitting here singing.

8: The grate is locked

11: A huge green fierce snake bars the way!

19: There is food here.

20: There is a bottle of water here.

103: The grate is open.

107: There is a little bird in the cage.

108: The grate is open.

112: A crystal bridge now spans the fissure.

120: There is an empty bottle here.

201: There are some keys on the ground here.

202: There is a shiny brass lamp nearby.

204: There is a small wicker cage discarded nearby.

205: A three foot black rod with a rusty star on an end lies nearby

206: Rough stone steps lead down the pit.

209: Rough stone steps lead up the dome.

210: There is a large sparkling nugget of gold here!

213: There are diamonds here!

214: There are bars of silver here!

215: There is precious jewelry here!

216: There are many coins here!

221: There is a little axe here